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One zodiac sign that Capricorn is compatible with most is a Scorpio. Yes, a Scorpio!

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The most passionate, love intensive, emotionally consuming star sign of the zodiac. Even the strongest zodiac sign has a soft spot to hide, and they truly do want to share it. To the world, they show their strongest attributes, but to the right lover who has earned their trust, they will expose themselves gladly. They just ask that when they do, you don't take advantage of their vulnerabilities. Instead, listen.

Encourage and perhaps even shield them from their fears with a bit of escape from the everyday. But, don't try to overprotect a strong zodiac sign; that's dignity stripping. Instead, let them fight their own battles knowing that someone has their back and is in their corner cheering them on. To find your perfect match use this chart. Aries, sometimes in love you need to lose some control.

There are things you carry on your own thinking that is the way it needs to be done, but there's a chance to show yourself to be giving that involves sharing a burden.

pisces horoscope meaning in marathi

Taurus, it's time for a change. A relationship may require that you lean in more and perhaps even spend more time listening to learn. See things from a new perspective and know that change in love can be good. Gemini, be gentle with yourself today. You may have some lessons you want to share with someone close to you, but first let yourself process your feelings about that.

You don't have to see yourself from the past. You have permission start over in a new way that's pure and innocent, too. Cancer, what you see others as having doesn't always match up to what you think you should have. This could be an area of envy and strife. Let your passion and dreams become a reality for you by holding on to what's in your heart.

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What's meant for you is so much better than what you see. Leo, if you're honest with yourself, you've won half the battle. You may need to let go of an expectation when it comes to what someone else should do or be. When you do, love will flow abundantly from an unexpected place in your heart.

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Virgo, if perception is reality, you may be the one to take off the mask today. Let yourself be happy by being the person you were and are meant to be. Story from Horoscopes. We start our week with our mission in focus as the moon waxes in practical Capricorn on Sunday until 7. Gather your strength at home as you prepare to move through the world.

Horoscopes - Daily wisdom - MSN Lifestyle

The moon enters independent Aquarius at Use this positive energy to enjoy some alone time and put your energy towards learning new skills or picking up a new book. It could be challenging to centre yourself on Monday when thought ruler Mercury opposes innovative Uranus. Practise collecting your thoughts and let yourself explore more creative pursuits as these planets work against each other.

Beware of power struggles on Monday, when the sun squares against taskmaster Saturn. It could be hard to understand the perspectives of others as these heavenly bodies clash. This transit intensifies our attitude towards ideas surrounding abundance, love and aesthetics. Need to recharge your emotional batteries?

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Hit the hay early on Tuesday night and rejuvenate yourself while the moon goes void-of-course at 2. VOC moons are a wonderful opportunity to press pause and recentre yourself.

Daily Horoscopes: January 15, 12222

This phase is a beautiful time to get in touch with your emotions and to be vulnerable to those you love. Channel your energy into creative pursuits that allow you to get in touch with your romantic side. On Saturday, flirtatious Venus opposes chaotic Uranus creating a few sparks on the dating scene. Enjoy the moment and keep your options open. The weekend will be anything but laid-back as the moon waxes into fiery Aries at Take advantage of this phase by putting your energy towards starting new projects, enjoying the autumn weather and connecting with nature.

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