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Aries is the sign of the Warrior, the first sign of the astrological calendar, and its symbol shows the Ram's horns. The fiery Aries forges ahead with great courage as an initiator and pioneer. Aries dates are in the Spring from March 21st to April 20th.

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Taurus is the first of the Earth signs and the sign of the Bull, with horns from that imposing animal. The resourceful Taurus approaches everything with caution, taking deliberate and sure-footed steps toward success. Dates for the Sun in Taurus are from April 21st to May 21st. Gemini is the sign of the celestial twins and has a curious duality to its nature. Often called mercurial after its ruling planet Mercury, the Gemini is rarely at a loss for words.

The dates for the Sun in Gemini are from May 22nd to June 21st.

Those Mysterious Astrological Symbols, Explained

The sign of Leo is ruled by the mighty Sun and its astrological creature is the Lion. The Leo is proud, expressive and optimistic with a need for adoration and respect from those they love.

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The dates for the Sun in Leo are from July 24th to August 23rd. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and associated with the Virgin because of its qualities of physical purity and chastity. Many are admired for their healthy ways and ability to cover all the bases. The dates for Sun in Virgo are from August 24th to September 23rd.

Libra is often symbolized by Scales to represent the innate qualities of fairness, balance, and partnership. The dates for Sun in Libra are September 24th to October 23rd. Associated with life and death, as well as sexuality, the namesake for Scorpio is the scorpion, and its deadly tail is shown in its symbol. The Scorpio is the fixed water sign, and has the focus and drive to dig deep below the surface of any area of life. The dates for Sun in Scorpio are October 24th to November 22nd.

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Sagittarius is the Archer that is also a Centaur, and its symbol shows its fiery arrows of truth. The Sagittarius is swift and covers a lot of ground, whether by traveling or through artistic and intellectual pursuits. The dates for the Sun in Sagittarius are from November 23rd to December 21st. Capricorn is the sign of the Goat in astrology and ruled by the disciplinarian Saturn. As a Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn embodies ambition and a love of enduring traditions. The dates for the Sun in Capricorn are December 22nd to January 20th.

Astrology Symbols

Known as the Water Bearer in astrology, Aquarius is actually an Air sign. It is ruled by Uranus, and its qualities are rebelliousness, originality and perhaps more than just a touch of genius. The dates for the Sun in Aquarius are January 21st to February 19th. As the last of the Zodiac signs, Pisces is said to contain qualities of them all.

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It is often depicted as two fish swimming in opposite directions, which sums up the enigmatic and multi-dimensional Piscean nature. The dates for the Sun in Pisces are February 20th to March 20th. Click on the image to find out more. Article on Makemake and population issues on. Spiritguides website.

I have designed glyphs for Makemake and Haumea based on my research of them and these have been published in the Astrological Journal to invite comment. The next step is that the AA conference in Sept is asked to ratify them, then they go to Solar Fire editors. Please feel free to send a comment.

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Here are my reasons for designing them this way: -. The Hawaiians knew that Haumea formed their island out of the Spirit and Fire that she was, into the rock and Earth that she became. Earth comes out of Earth — comes out of Spirit. Hence the cross of matter comes out of the circle of spirit, to form another cross of matter.

Astrology Glyph Cheat Sheet

Makemake supported a race of fearless competitive spirits with a bawdy sexuality. His energy was linked with duality, fertility Procreation and virility among other things. Reliable commentator William Thomson reported in that Meke-meke was the duplication of one word implying a high degree of quality, hence the duplicated circle in this proposed glyph. It is also in honour of his image which was a mask carved onto the rocks of Easter Island — clearly also male genitalia.